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Translate your military experience and drive to serve our nation with a career at LLNL. A place where you are celebrated for your service, admired for your knowledge, and valued for your commitment.

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Coast Guard

"Electrician training I received initially in the Navy sparked my interest in pursuing Electrical Engineering degree after that portion of my service. The technical training, sense of mission and being part of team served me very well in contributing to our work here at LLNL.

The technology and the people. What we do, how we do and who we get to do it with. There is no other facility on this planet like NIF, it is truly one-of-a-kind. The challenges we are working on are not easy, I am continually impressed with my colleagues and how we work together as a team in seeking solutions.

You're training, sense of service and being part of a team on a mission are highly valued here, please join us and continue to contribute to our nation."




"You can adapt your military experience to succeed in many positions - choose something you're interested in and go for it! There are so many opportunities and once you gain some experience, if you'd like to seek out other opportunities within the lab, there's a process and a lot of support for that."

"My colleagues at LLNL are genuinely passionate about their work and very engaging to newcomers. I'm constantly challenged to learn and exercise new skills so there's never a dull moment - until the workday is over and we actually go home to pursue the 'life balance' part of 'work-life balance'."




"The Lab is an exceptional place to work with great benefits, competitive compensation, and a mission that directly ties to the safety and security of our nation

The leadership skills I gained in the Army have been extremely valuable in every position I have held since. Additionally, focus on and dedication to accomplishing tasks, jobs, mission has helped me advance here at the Lab. Finally, as with the Army, the Lab is a very regulated organization. The ability to identify, understand, and comply with these regulations is a key ability for success.

First and foremost it is an opportunity to further serve our nation and contribute to the safety and security of our citizens. Additionally there are numerous avenues for advancement and the work that gets accomplished at the Lab is nothing short of incredible. We use science to help solve many of the world's problems…"




“Coming to LLNL through the SkillBridge program has been a unique opportunity to showcase the skills I have learned while in the military to a very prestigious organization. Coming from an aviation unit, mission has always taken priority, and you get to retain that mindset throughout your time at LLNL, by working towards a mission that is focused on directly supporting the safety and security of our great nation.

At LLNL, more doors have opened for me. My aviation Intelligence background alone is very desirable, and I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t participate in the SkillBridge program.

Meeting and talking to many veterans at LLNL and hearing their stories and backgrounds has made the transition from military to civilian easier, giving me a sense of security.  If there is a position that you believe you will thrive in, go for it, and start a life-long career at LLNL.”




"Experience is everything, you bring uncommon experience and insight. Who better to integrate into teams working on intricate National Security Missions, than you with your understanding having been the ‘pointy tip of the spear'.

As Veterans we bring a completely different suite of skills than the traditional employee fresh from their college or university.

The Nation, the Services, most importantly our Brothers and Sisters in Arms depend on us to provide them with the tools to protect our way of life. At LLNL you can play a continuing role; off the battlefield but no less important."




"Coming to the lab with an active security clearance was a huge benefit, as well as my military experience serving in a variety of security related positions.

The diversity of assignments, active appreciation for vets and the tremendous support from leadership for active reserve members. Work life balance and the benefits are some of the best in the Bay Area.

The lab is the closest civilian to military match in terms of continued service to our nation and the camaraderie shared between our workforces. There is a tremendous team atmosphere that is both focused on the mission and employees."