An Overview of Our Mission

We aim high to serve our purpose.


Our Objective

We commit ourselves to our military and veterans to provide career opportunities to maximize their skillsets while continuing their passion for making a difference for our nation.



A culture built upon integrity & inclusiveness

Featured Reviews from Our Glassdoor Page!

Veteran at LLNL

"LLNL strives, and does a fantastic job, to be one of the top elite national laboratories in the country. I served in the military and transitioned into this position. Let me be the first to say LLNL really looked out for me. From mentoring, to being welcomed, to the benefits, to the seamless transfer of my clearance from the DoD to the DoE…" – Current Employee at LLNL (1-2 years of service)

Fantastic Place to Work– Amazing Scientific Breakthroughs

"Varied and important scientific research supporting everything from medical disease cures to national security and counter terrorism. Great benefits, competitive salaries, beautiful campus." – Current Employee at LLNL (3-4 years of service)

A good place for a meaningful career

"First, I like knowing that what I am doing matters. My particular work might not be all lasers and supercomputers, but knowing that what we do at the Lab matters make what I do feel worth while…Repeatedly, I’ve felt like the lab sees me less as a means and more like an investment." – Current Employee at LLNL (5-7 years of service)

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Exciting and Innovative Research in a Welcoming Environment

"The fact that I have spent 29 years with one employer speaks volumes. The Lab is not only a place filled with exciting research, but it is filled with opportunities to grow and learn your entire career if that is the path you choose…" – Current Employee at LLNL (25+ years of service)

Great company offering competitive pay and benefits!

"I have worked for LLNL for 13 years and have worked in positions in 5 different areas of the lab. There are opportunities to move around within the organization, which allows continuous growth and development…I love they offer flexible work options, including a 9/80 schedule. People that come to LLNL tend to stay for the long haul and the lab community feels like a second family." – Current Employee at LLNL (10+ years of service)

Excellent place to work

"Wide impact and important work, exciting and creative projects, happy culture, surrounded by many brilliant people, diversity of age gender and ethnicity, care for employees, lots of opportunities to grow in career and education, work-life balance (something that is often pushed aside in the Bay Area)." – Current Employee at LLNL (more than a year of service)

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A Unique Place for Work of National Importance

"LLNL is unique within the network of national laboratories of the U.S Government as it combines the opportunities to be in involved in cutting-edge research and work on projects of national significance…Work-life balance is taken seriously, encouraged and integral part of the organization’s values…" – Current Employee (1-2 years of service)

Work-life balance, great colleagues, and work that matters

"The lab is a great place to work. You’ll be surrounded by extremely talented individuals who are the best at what they do. It’s a nurturing environment to be in, the management team will provide you the tools you need to be successful in your job. The work is challenging, exciting, and really matters! What you do here has an impact on our National Security Mission." – Current Employee at LLNL (Less than a year of service)

It really is the BEST PLACE TO WORK!!

"Being part of an organization that supports our Nation. Working with brilliant employees that execute the most incredible cutting-edge work. It doesn’t matter what your role is, you are a part of the BIG picture in supporting the mission. Exceptional work-life balance at an inclusive workplace." - Current Employee at LLNL (10+ year of service)

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Build out your network and skillsets to expand your impact.

At LLNL, we recognize the stress, anxiety, and economic impacts that come with switching jobs or having to move from one location to another. However, with our unique matrix system you have the ability to branch out and take on new roles while still staying under the same employer.

Not only is this offered but encouraged by our management team. We recognize to maximize your skillsets and impact it may be through having multiple careers at LLNL. It is our mission to provide a workplace to satisfy your needs and the needs of our nation to ensure security of our country. This begins with you…and we make this one of our top priorities.